Why Is Your Senior Experiencing Arthritis?

Osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis, or inflammation of the joints. Known as degenerative joint disease or age-related arthritis, OA most often develops slowly over time as people age.

Best Can Openers for Seniors With Arthritis. Seniors with arthritic hands require a can opener that does not make them experience any pain at all. Pick an opener that will not require the elderly with arthritis to use a lot of strength or effort to operate. The opener should be a bit stylish and, of course, highly functional.

Senior living communities that provide assisted living or skilled nursing services are well aware of the extent to which arthritis affects older adults, and many offer exercise, nutrition and other wellness programs specifically designed to maximize overall health and alleviate joint and muscle pain in arthritis sufferers.

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RE: Pain in leg (thigh, knee and especially lower leg) Yes, I had pain down one leg. Had an MRI and learned I have spinal stenosis of the lumbar area. So, my exercises avoid an excess bending of that area. Went to pain management and was told to walk. It did wonders. For lower back I do planks for up to 2 minutes.

When the pain stops and moves to a joint in another part of your body, you may be experiencing migratory arthritis. migratory arthritis can also cause: redness from visibly swollen joints; rashes.

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If you have arthritis, participating in joint-friendly physical activity can improve your arthritis pain, function, mood, and quality of life. Joint-friendly physical activities are low-impact, which means they put less stress on the body, reducing the risk of injury. Examples of joint-friendly activities include walking, biking and swimming.

However, keeping active can be a key to much of the pain management, this is why exercise is so important when you are living with arthritis. Get to know these exercises for arthritis. Where you become inflamed in your body will determine which exercises are best, and you can learn how to strengthen your core – a very important factor.

Yoga for Arthritis : Modifying Yoga Poses for those with Arthritis Arthritis will limit your ability to open/twist cans, bend, kneel, climb and walk. Arthritis is found more often in women. People who are obese or over weight are more likely to develop arthritis due to added pressure put on the knees and the hips with every extra pound a person gains.