What to Do If You’re House Rich but Cash Poor – Junior Mining Analyst

Profit Rich and CASH poor Profit Rich means that you have a high operating income or Net income according to the income statement. Cash Poor means that you don’t have much in the CASH account according to the Balance sheet or Cash Flow Statement. Or.. you might simply not have any cash in your.

Asset Rich, Cash Poor = Land The first case I heard this term, and still believe it really applies best, is in regards to farm/ranch land. Sometimes these large parcels of land have been held in the family for generations and, as towns and cities grew up around the parcels, the land has grown greatly in value.

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As your friends begin to retire to other areas or if your mobility or health decline, you may regret the inflexibility of staying in the same house until you die. Be sure to consider speaking with a trusted financial planner before making major financial decisions, and especially before signing reverse mortgage documents.

For these house-rich but cash-poor individuals, the only options available seem to be to ask their children for financial assistance or to sell their house and move to a more affordable one. Because both choices are unpleasant for many senior citizens, both the public and private sectors have intensified their efforts to find more acceptable solutions.

Hi guys, I’m a junior market maker at a US bank working on a desk close to the vol desk in my asset class. I am very passionate about the Vol side and I have created this thread hoping that it will become a primer about the different resources people should use to learn about vol in different asset.

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The problem arises when homeowners can’t make ends meet on a monthly basis in spite of their home being such a valuable asset. Being house rich and cash poor may also mean that a homeowner neglects to contribute to their retirement and other savings when they’re strapped for cash on a monthly basis.

Almost never discussed, Foyle says, is the psychology of the poor athlete suddenly made rich, and the financial demands that. instead of retiring in some semblance of peace, you’re pinching pennies.