We can work on Patient compliance and CAM

Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) is emerging as an important form of care in the United States. We sought to measure the prevalence of selected CAM use among veterans attending oncology and chronic pain clinics and to describe the characteristics of CAM use in this population. The self-administered, mail-in survey included questions on demographics, health beliefs, medical problems.

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Clinicians can promote compliance with antiretroviral regimens-by devising dosing schedules that can be integrated into their patients’ daily routines, by encouraging compliance in every encounter with every patient, and by providing patients with tools that will help them achieve and maintain a high level of compliance. The fact that patients have problems adhering to antiretroviral therapy was recognized long before these patients began taking protease inhibitors-which work effectively.

For PBM’s, health plans, and physicians, the key to improving care quality and reducing healthcare costs is encouraging patients to stay in compliance with medication and health care regimens. However, the reality is that patient non-compliance is a continuing challenge for all health care stakeholders.

In an era where many hospitals include community health and "whole person" health in their mission statements, complementary and alternative medicine is a natural fit. And research suggests that an increasing number of hospitals offer some version of CAM services to patients.

We can work on Patient compliance and CAM Write a short (50-100-word) paragraph response for each question. This assignment is to be submitted as a Microsoft Word document.

patient compliance: Pharmacology The degree of adherence of a Pt to a prescribed diet or treatment, and whether the Pt returns for re-examination, follow-up or treatment. See Directly observed therapy , Good Pt. Cf Bad Pt, Noncompliance .

When people talk about patient adherence they are referring to an individual’s ability to follow a prescribed regimen or therapy plan. The plan will vary depending on the nature of the illness: most people see it as the taking of specific medicines during a given period.

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Further, compliance does not necessarily indicate that both professional and patient have developed a collaborative understanding relationship. Noncompliance is described as a lack of recognition by the health care professional of the meaning of the regimen to the patient.

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