Storms move east as more than 50 twisters are reported in 8 states – Bangla Viral

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A drone high in the sky captured a glimpse of the destruction left behind by powerful storms in Dayton, Ohio. Up to nine tornadoes touched down in Ohio on Memorial day. (wcmh) drone video: tornado damage in Dayton, Ohio is a most popular video on Clips Today August 2019. Drone video: Tornado damage in Dayton, Ohio is a full HD video.

(CNN) – In recent years, scientists have noticed an increased frequency of tornadoes in the Southeast, carving a deadly path in what’s called Dixie Alley. While Tornado Alley in the Great Plains.

Storms move east as more than 50 twisters are reported in 8 states More An 81-year-old man was killed when a car crashed into his house after tornadoes struck several cities in Ohio, including Dayton.

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VIRGINIA (CNN) – A continuing outbreak of foodborne hepatitis A linked to frozen strawberries has sickened 89 people in seven states, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Thursday. No.

Storms move east as more than 50 twisters are reported in 8 states – Bangla Viral A hotter, wetter atmosphere should promote more severe thunderstorms, but it might also reduce the wind shear needed for those storms to spawn twisters. More tornadoes are being reported in the U.

A second, more significant surge of southern moisture arrives Wednesday, when the atmosphere should be warm enough for all-rain. The good news: the back edge of the rain may be just east. storm’s.

MCSs that occur as linear bands (squall lines) that typically form ahead of fronts. Happen along a cold front. a thin line of sever thunderstorm. there is a part of the cloud that is a roll cloud because you have cold air on the ground going one way and warm air above going the opposite way, so you have a thin cloud forming between the two and a shelf cloud forms above the shelf cloud

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