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GST registered persons are required to submit periodical returns and remit tax to the Government. GST Audit Team will conduct audit on the registrant periodically and when the need arises. Beside this, the gst risk management system will send out alert on high risk.

How to file your GST/HST Return online using the CRA’s Netfile system.. Small Business Canada – Critical decisions every Canadian Small Business Needs to Make – Duration: 32:55.

Often businesses that are not required to register for the GST / HST do so anyway. On the positive side, registering early means you can claim back the GST / HST you paid for start-up purchases. For some businesses charging the GST / HST adds credibility, as customers won’t know that the company is earning less than $30,000 a year.

PLUS GST. The worst case is if it increases purchases that are made to international companies that mostly sell imported goods, and who try to minimise their local tax exposure. Although I don’t know if this would really happen, as a lot of these imported goods are more expensive here even with GST taken out.

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You can search using: (i) business name or tax reference number (i.e. UEN/ GST Reg No./ NRIC) for a single search or (ii) tax reference number only for multiple searches up to four entries.

This feature of GST has the biggest effect on the company’s working capital, according to experts, GST is levied on the goods at the time of transfer. But, the businesses are allowed to claim tax credit only at the time of sale. The time between transfer of goods and their sale can take considerable amount of time.

The NBN is NOT about the speeds that the average home based user can get, the real reason for the NBN is because the Government knows that it will drive small business to another level – small business derives huge amounts of TAX for the government and if small business makes more, then so does the Government.

Businesses with an annual turnover of over Rs 2 crore can now start filing GST audit reports for fiscal 2017-18 as GST Network (GSTN) has made its format available on its portal.PTI | April 15.