Permanent TSB would suffer ‘catastrophic’ PR backlash over loans sell-off

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If Permanent TSB’s overcharging resulted in a couple struggling to make repayments over the last few years, how can Permanent TSB quantify the financial pressure, stress and hardship this has caused? If Permanent TSB overcharged a borrower 40,000 over a 5 year period, how can they quantify the loss of opportunity this has caused?

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Permanent TSB would suffer catastrophic’ PR backlash over loans sell-off permanent tsb group holdings plc engages in the provision of financial services. The company operates its business through three segments: permanent tsb, Asset Management and Non-Core Assets.

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But Lord Blackwell’s political connections will prove useful to Lloyds as it prepares to sell off the remainder of taxpayers’ 33. I think he’s inspirational and understands a serious PR job needs.

Permanent TSB must sell off its non-performing loan book to so-called "vulture funds" to protect Irish taxpayers and its shareholders, the bank’s chief executive will say today.Jeremy.

A spokesman for Permanent TSB said the move followed recent comments by chief executive jeremy masding (inset) who said the bank would pursue a number of actions to deal with non-performing loans.

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Permanent TSB is likely to suffer "near catastrophic PR blowback" if its effort to sell non-performing home loans is successful, a leading analyst warned.PTSB is selling off a huge block of.