Memory Problems and Senior Safety: Precautions to Take

Let's find out how we can help our seniors with age-related memory loss.. If you have noticed any increased inattention to detail, memory loss or blackouts in. The Alzheimer's Association also posts on their website tips on how you can. Seniors will feel safe knowing they are looked after and viceversa,

Encouraging a Senior with Limited Mobility to Get Outside Fresh air and a change in a senior’s surroundings can do more than help diminish boredom and complacency. People who spend a few minutes outside daily are less likely to have health problems and more likely to remain active.

When to see your doctor. He or she may also order blood tests and brain-imaging tests that can help identify reversible causes of memory problems and dementia-like symptoms. You might be referred to a specialist in diagnosing dementia or memory disorders, such as a neurologist, psychiatrist, psychologist or geriatrician.

The person with Alzheimer's disease doesn't realize that he is at home and sets out. her name, the words “memory loss,” and an emergency phone number.. adult day centers and assisted living facilities also take precautions to prevent.. Nonprofit membership organization serving people 50 and older.

Some seniors with memory problems may have obsessive compulsive behavior which makes them feel as though they need to just be somewhere else for no real reason. The urge can be so undeniable, practically forcing them to wander off.. Safety Precautions for Wandering Patients.

Increase safety by preventing falls and slips in the shower and bath. additional aids that contribute to a senior-friendly bathroom include grab rails, assist bars, and shower stools. 14..

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Home Safety Checklist. Dementia can cause a person to mistakenly believe that a familiar caregiver is an intruder. Place medications in a locked drawer or cabinet. To help ensure that medications are taken safely, use a pill box organizer or keep a daily list and check off each medication as it is taken.

More than one in three persons over age 65 fall each year, often at home. If falls do happen, luckily, most do not result in any injury with the exception of a minor bruise or scraped knee. But.

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