Major bank bucks trend and lifts term deposit rates

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Disclaimer: The interest rates are fixed at Bank’s discretion & are subject to the prevailing Reserve Bank of India guidelines. These interest rates are subject to change without notice. Please note: Interest on NRE & FCNR Deposits is payable only if premature withdrawal of deposits take place after completion of the minimum period of 1 year.

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The trend is certainly to the upside. But this is a momentum driven market, not necessarily one founded on overwhelmingly.

Moving on to the balance sheet, total asset growth was muted in Q2 due mostly to a $46 million decrease in total deposits. A.

Retirees set to feel the pinch as major banks cut term deposit rates. Franca Di Natale iin her Perth home, 27 July, 2018. She is retired and previously relied on regular, low risk term deposits to fund her retirement. Since rates have fallen, she has had to start paying a financial advisor to deliver the same returns with slightly more risk.

Term deposit rates have increased this month after an interest rate war erupted on fixed saving accounts.. Following the Reserve Bank of Australia’s cash rate cut to 1.5 per cent, many.

ANZ has become the second major bank to raise home loan interest rates, despite no move on the horizon from the Reserve Bank, with the Commonwealth Bank following just minutes later.

The US, Canada and Bank of England have already lifted rates. While these central banks are lifting rates off a lower base than Australia, narrowing interest rate differentials could have implications for the AUD. While the RBA wouldn’t be too worried if the AUD were to head a little lower, any substantial move lower could be more problematic.

In addition to hiking longer term fixed mortgage rates, BNZ has today (Monday) changed a range of term deposit rates. It has cut its 3 month term deposit rate by -25 bps to 2.75%, and cut its five month term deposit rate by -20 bps to 3.30%.