`go build -mod vendor` fails to make use of vendored packages

Modifying GOPATH implied using a bare go build would not be sufficient. Wrappers for the go command emerged, each slightly different. The primary goal for govendor was to prove and use a common vendor specification file. The secondary goals were to make a tool that worked at the.

It makes sure go.mod matches the source code in the module. It adds any missing modules necessary to build the current module’s packages and dependencies, and it removes unused modules But if we still want to add vendored dependencies to our version control, we can still do it: $ go mod vendor.

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Build compiles the packages named by the import paths, along with their dependencies, but it does not install the results. When compiling multiple packages or a single non-main package, build compiles the packages but discards the resulting object, serving only as a check that the packages can be built.

Go Vendoring Beginner Tutorial. Mar 29, 2016 4 minute read Comments. Build/Run your project as usual but add the -v to the In this quick beginner’s tutorial I briefly introduced you to why we use vendoring, when to use it and I showed 2 step by step methods using 2 separate tools to achive the.

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When you go build it will use the vendor’ed folders rather than the folders in your src folder. hope this makes sense. So you mean i have to copy the package downloaded on my src folder to the vendor folder on my project myproj?

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Built-in functions can be used without importing any packages. To make a package compatitable with the module feature, its corresponding go.mod must specify the import path of the innermost folder For example, the following example fails to compile.

vendor make vendored copy of dependencies (vendor). verify verify dependencies have expected content (). why explain why packages or modules are needed (). bug, go mod download -dir