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Income volatility is particularly acute for certain demographic groups. Income volatility was not confined to households at any single rung of the income ladder or education level or to those in a specific racial or ethnic group. At least 1 in 4 households across demographic groups experienced income volatility.

at the same time the declining cyclicality of household debt and the reduced volatility of household investment. This factor is the larger household income volatility of the last decades: larger income volatility at the individual level makes individual more cautious about changing their stock of durables,

EPIC recently concluded its first "deep dive" analysis into income volatility and is now shifting its focus to the changing landscape of American consumer debt. Although home loans still represent the bulk of total consumer debt, it is primarily the growth in student and auto loans that has pushed that total to a level that now surpasses.

The Evolution of Household Income Volatility Editor’s Note: The full version of this paper is available at the website for the B.E. Journal of Economic Policy and Analysis .

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a decline in the volatility of earnings and total household income (such as CBO, 2008, and Dahl, DeLeire, and Schwabish, 2011). This paper examines household income volatility using data from the

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EPIC deeply investigates one consequential consumer finance issue at a time. EPIC’s first issue is income volatility, which destabilizes the budgets of nearly half of American households. Over the last year, EPIC has synthesized data, polled consumers, surveyed experts, published reports, and convened leaders, all in an effort to

– A new Center for american progress issue brief examines the most recent available data on the overlap between income volatility and wealth inequality, finding that American families today face.