Dredging our minds and desilting our culture will solve flooding dilemma

 · Dredging our minds and desilting our culture will solve flooding dilemma. due to flood”. These and other headlines flood our media space every year.

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Improvements at the Sugarloaf Wharf will help solve health and safety and congestions issues between. Case for the Furey’s Creek area will be done in consultation with our Stakeholders Working.

Dredging our minds and desilting our culture, solution to the dilemma of flooding. Features. May 30, 2019. ncce election-related activities need more resources – Nkrumah. Politics.

trees that gave the town a magnificent look. Each day, hundreds of men set out to the sea in their canoes, returning in the evening with boatloads of assorted fish and other seafood. Elderly women and.

Moored ships were blown away as a . Moored ships were blown away as a "supercell thunderstorm" swept through South Africa’s KwaZulu-Natal region, killing at least 11 people.

The Savannah regional coordinating council has today issued a Press Release in connection with the missing vehicle belonging to the Savannah Regional Coordinating Council. The statement signed by the spokesperson to the Coordinating Council, Alhaji Abu Forgor expressed concern about.

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2018 and yet another flooding in Accra Is there an answer? Are our leaders and engineers equipped to solve this problem? Are we willing to obey the rules and take measures to end the floods of Accra and other parts of the country?

 · Dredging our minds and desilting our culture will solve flooding dilemma [Article] May 24, 2019. To you reading, start dredging your mind and desilting your community of bad practices and the irresponsible behaviour of our immediate relations. Let’s work together to build a nation that is environmentally sustainable, a built environment.

Dredging our minds, desilting our culture – The solution to dilemma of flooding in Breaking News , Features & Opinions May 31, 2019 130 views “government tackles flood with GH¢197 million”, “Government donates relief items to flood victims”, “NADMO records.

Dredging our minds and desilting our culture will solve flooding dilemma [Article] by Jonas. the resolution is to dredge our minds of old thinking and desilt our culture from the pathetic way of living, reasoning managing waste and segregated delivery of justice.. start dredging your mind.