Crown Paints’ new products to target Government’s affordable housing plan

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Crown Paints has now donated five park benches, manufactured from recycled materials, to five local authority care homes and housing schemes over the last year. Posted in Articles , Building Industry News , Building Products & Structures , Interiors , news , Paints , Paints, Coatings & Finishes , Posts , Sustainability & Energy Efficiency

New measures will provide thousands of new homes. the provision of 10,000 new homes on surplus public sector land at Northstowe in Cambridgeshire a new target to release enough formerly-used surplus public sector land for 150,000 new homes between 2015 and 2020 government support to provide 11,000 new homes at Barking Riverside in East London,

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Jamboree works with many community partners to make sure target audiences hear about new communities. But community education is also necessary to make sure affordable housing communities are accepted into local neighborhoods. "Many communities don’t want to see affordable housing in their community.

In Summary. Thirty five legislations, some on procurement, are set to be repealed in the latest move by the government to put on course the plan to realise the affordable housing dream, principal secretary charles hinga has said. Addressing stakeholders in the construction industry during the inaugural Construction Industry Awards (COINA).

While he based much of his campaign on the idea of combatting income inequality in New York City, it seems his understanding of income inequality is severely limited. It encompasses only the belief.

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NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Heated clashes and a bit of levity were seen as Mayor Bill de Blasio and former City Council Member Sal Albanese went head to head Wednesday night. They traded barbs over.

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Crown Paints Kenya has invested Sh3 million in a new showroom in Kisumu targeting high-end shoppers. The facility that generated 15 new jobs will showcase premium brands in the market including decorative, automotive and protective paints as well as interior and exterior finishes, coatings and flooring products. Read More.

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